Do I have to bring my machine in to you?
That depends on the repair. We have a well equipped shop with hoists and other equipment to repair any kind of machine or motor. If your shop is well equipped or the job doesn’t require it, then we’re happy to do the job on site.


Do you guarantee your work?
Yes we do. Please contact us for more specific information.


I can’t find anyone in my area to do technical work, will you travel?


I don’t see my machine on your list; do you repair other equipment as well?
We repair all kinds of machines, motors, and industrial/technical equipment. If it has wires, we can fix it. The main thing that sets Elworthy Electrical apart from other electrical contractors is that we get excited about solving these kinds of problems; stuff other companies won’t look at or even try.


I have my own panel design and I need it built to CSA specifications, can you do that?
Yes. Guys have come in plenty of times with little more than chicken scratch on some note paper and we’re able to make it work.